Stop adoption of children from abroad, advisory council says

The Netherlands should stop allowing people to adopt children from abroad because it is not in the best interests of...
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A suicide bombing killed fifteen Afghan Army trainees as they were leaving a military academy on the western outskirts of Kabul, the second suicide bombing in the city within 24 hours.
A hunger strike of rejected asylum seekers in a Danish deportation centre has entered its 2nd week. The protesters, some of whom have spent years in the facility, insist they won’t stop
The Humanitarian Aid Unit at the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation has delivered $150,000 worth of humanitarian aid to Donbas in eastern Ukraine, according to DW, referring to a statement m
Facebook faces the same cyber threats as a large defense contractor but runs its own security “like a college campus” – that’s the judgement of the company’s top security chief, accordi
MSNBC anchor Joy Reid brought together a panel of guests for “AM Joy” Saturday to examine the ongoing feud President Donald Trump and his administration have been waging against Rep. Frede
The populist Czech ANO movement led by billionaire Andrej Babis, dubbed ‘the Czech Donald Trump,’ is poised to win the eastern European country’s elections by a wide margin, according t
A curious Australian journalist was “flabbergasted” when his routine call to clarify how the surname of New Zealand’s new PM was pronounced got re-routed directly to the future head of
Ivanka Trump Leaves Family Foundation Off Disclosures Maybe it just slipped her mind. Ivanka Trump’s federal financial disclosure report doesn’t mention her past involvement with the chari
Will Democrats use Niger as Trump’s Benghazi? WASHINGTON — When four Americans were killed in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012, Republicans moved quickly to pin blame on then-President Barack Obama and
Trump says he’ll allow release of Kennedy assassination files US President Donald Trump said Saturday he will allow long blocked secret files on the 1963 assassination of John F Kennedy to be op
FORMULA 1 twice-world champion Fernando Alonso will remain with McLaren for another season at least, the British-based team has confirmed.
Police in Short Pump, Virginia are investigating a Snapchat video showing local white middle school football players faking sexual assault on African American students while yelling they are ‘f*
Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte has said he is willing to shoot criminals himself if law enforcement doesn’t step up to the task, days after scaling back his conroversial anti-drugs
Christine Boutin, a right-wing politician best-known for her outspoken opposition to France's gay marriage law, has announced her retirement from active politics.
More than 1,200 households in Ukraine installed solar panel systems in January-September 2017, which was 1.5 times up against 2016, according to the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Savin
Typhoon Lan, a storm with an eye 50 miles wide, is expected to lash parts of Japan with intense wind and rain, the country’s meteorological office has warned. Currently west of Okinawa,
Anti-fascist demonstrators gathered at the offices of the Greek far-right party Golden Dawn to protest the opening of its new premises in the port city of Piraeus. Read Full Article at
Romanian border policemen, while on a Frontex mission in Greece have rescued 60 people from an overloaded inflatable boat that was about to sink in the Aegean Sea.
Two prominent Republican cable news commentators got into a shouting match on CNN’s “New Day Saturday” over the state of the Republican Party during the presidency of Donald Trump. G
The latest Parlemeter survey, which looks at citizens' opinions on EU membership, shows that their trust in the European Parliament and the EU is increasing. As many as 72% of Slovenians believe
It would take too long to list all the crazy distortions the international media presented about Central Europe and the Czech election campaign this week.
The Iranian nuclear deal would collapse without the US, the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister said, adding that Washington does not comply with the deal conditions, a move which is “total
How to Live Stream the Orionid Meteor Shower Getting to the path of totality to watch the Great American Eclipse was, for many, difficult and expensive. Hotel rooms were booked years in advance, and r
Time for the Trump Family to Collect Its Hidden Money? President Donald Trump’s self-described efforts to do something good for the country have reportedly been bad for business—his own, that is. Sinc
Company will shed business units worth more than $20 over the next year or two
Fed Chair makes case for preserving policymakers’ ability to confront the next recession with more bond purchases
Workshop provided a comprehensive overview of the VAT and related mechanisms
Event to focus on innovations that shape the future
All the Times People Have Said Trump is the Worst POTUS Barack Obama and George W. Bush both slammed President Donald Trump during their respective speeches on Thursday, but neither espoused the extre
The Psychopath Test: One Psychologist Has the Answer He lives next door, is an excellent liar, and is only pretending to care how your parents are doing. No, not your ex, but rather a real-life psycho
Travellers visiting Iceland aren‘t as pleased with their trips compared to last year, according to a new Gallup poll.
Trump Impeachment Drive Launched by Democrat Mega Donor A billionaire Democratic donor is putting some of his vast wealth toward a campaign to impeach President Donald Trump by petitioning elected off

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Up to 54 police officers killed in shootout in Egypt’s western desert

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‘We’re dying slowly’: Hunger strike of rejected Denmark asylum seekers into 2nd week

A hunger strike of rejected asylum seekers in a Danish deportation centre has entered its 2nd week. The protesters, some of whom have spent years in the facility, insist they won’t stop
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Fifteen Afghan military cadets die in Kabul suicide blast

A suicide bombing killed fifteen Afghan Army trainees as they were leaving a military academy on the western outskirts of Kabul, the second suicide bombing in the city within 24 hours.
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Donald Cerrone And The Gatekeepers In Each Of The UFC's Weight Divisions

Donald Cerrone embraces the gatekeeper role ahead of his scrap with Darren Till, but who else in the UFC is a gatekeeper?
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'State of war' in Somalia as truck blast death toll hits 358

Somalia's president is expected to announce a "state of war" against the al-Shabab extremist group after last week's truck bombing which killed 358 people in Mogadishu.
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Taliban claim responsibility for suicide attack which killed 15 army officers at Afghan military academy

A suicide attack has killed 15 army officers west of Afghanistan's capital Kabul.
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The Week Ahead Market Wrap

The budget vote lit the market's fuse on Friday as the Dow closed the week at overbought levels rarely seen in the past ten years. Some traders think the market is "different now" but is that really t
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450,000 join Barcelona pro-independence demo

Some 450,000 people took to the streets of Barcelona on Saturday, local police said, after Spain moved to dismiss Catalonia’s regional government to thwart its leaders’ independence bid. C
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The Latest: Catalan supporters want 2 activists freed

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — The Latest on Catalonia’s effort to break away from Spain and the Spanish government’s response (all times local): 6:50 p.m. Representatives of Catalan civil socie
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Paralympian wins lawsuit over Regina university in swimming accident

REGINA - The lawyer for a Paralympian says his client is relieved to have won a lawsuit over the swimming accident that left her quadriplegic. A jury decided late Friday evening ......
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Cops: $150K in designer merchandise taken in smash-and-grab

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Police say suspects in a rental truck drove through the front entrance of a Louis Vuitton (lew-EE' vit-AHN') store in Columbus and carried off about $150,000 worth ......
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