SOFAZ talks budget execution expectations for 2016

Arizona Senator John McCain appears to have taken a swipe at President Donald Trump for avoiding the army draft during the Vietnam War. Read Full Article at
Public opinion experts Nikola Damjani? and Igor Oman have highlighted the role the low turnout played on Sunday in bringing about a presidential run-off despite many polls forecasting a single-round v
Last month experts from the WADA carried out the planned audit inspection of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency
Ukraine's Ivan Sivak celebrated an emotional victory on Saturday (21 October), as his country claimed five golds on the first day of the 2017 World Para Dance Sport Championships in Malle, Belgium
Last month social media erupted after a video of white sorority girls singing along to Kanye West’s mega hit Gold Digger went viral. The lyrics include the word n-gga. The students promptly apologized
In a tight-lipped statement, Baghdad rejected a call by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson for Iran-backed Shia militias to “go home” after the demise of Islamic State in Iraq. Read F
The future of the Kerch bridge that Russia is building to the occupied Crimea is close to a catastrophe, experts and activists claim saying two of its sections have already sagged considerably, Russia
The National Assembly passed in an emergency session on Monday a bill abolishing the bulk of the remaining austerity measures affecting for students and youths that were introduced in 2012. According
As one of the world’s most expensive places to own a vehicle, Singapore is to cap the number of vehicles on its streets next year due to lack of space. The move is in conjunction with e
Holding the media to account has got Labour’s Tom Watson pretty animated. After calling for RT’s controversial new ads on the London Underground to be investigated, now he’s pressuring
Boris Dolami? has pleaded guilty to abuse of office in exchange for a lenient sentence, becoming the latest former director of a construction company to receive a guilty sentence over events that led
Group to construct a shopping mall, a convention center and a five-star hotel
The deal was approved by the republican parliament on October 5
Used condoms and tampons could soon be offering a different form of protection after a team of Dutch students won...
There are plans to reduce air pollution through quota arrangement for industrial emissions
Most often the bribes were given in hospitals, a poll by the Ilka Kucheriv Fund says, its head Iryna Bekeshkina said, addressing a round table on fighting corruption held in Lviv Oct. 23.
The Drug Enforcement Administration has for five years steadfastly defended the behavior of its agents in a late-night drug seizure carried out with Honduran forces on the remote Mosquito Coast, a mis
President Donald Trump will start his first work trip to Asia by playing golf. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe informed the golf-loving U.S. president by phone on Monday that a joint outing with pr
Transgender foreigners should not be allowed into Russia with a passport that does not show their “real” identity, one of the most vocal anti-LGBT lawmakers in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s rulin
The upper house of Russia’s parliament has prepared a statement urging the US Congress, as well as parliaments of other Western nations, to apply maximum effort for the nuclear deal wit
Larger earthquakes than the one that took place near Selfoss, South Iceland during the weekend may happen in the coming days.
For much of the past two decades, China has been the main driver of global oil demand growth. In the coming two to three decades, China is expected to become the leading determinant in
A Republican former congressman defended President Donald Trump for accusing a grieving military widow of lying. Myeshia Johnson confirmed Rep. Frederica Wilson’s account of her phone call with
Despite all the hype surrounding the rapid growth of digital currencies, mainstream institutional investors still opt to stay away from the newly-emerging market. Read Full Article at R
Disgraced former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly lashed out angrily at a new story that broke over the weekend that detailed a massive $32 million settlement between Fox and a woman who accused O
Vice-President of the Senate of the Czech Republic Jiri Sestak believes that only solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is peaceful one.
Vice-President of the Senate of the Czech Republic Ji?í Šesták believes that only solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is peaceful one.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced a meeting in Ottawa with Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman for October 31 during the latter's visit to Canada.
Prices of residential properties in Romania saw a quarterly increase of 1.1% in the third quarter of 2017, keeping the latest upward trend and the general increase from one year to another was 9.2%
Some 154 new commodity items have been added to the list of exports to Canada, including special vehicles for $3 million, copper bars and profiles for $2.9 million and turbojets for $1 million, Deputy
The World Bank (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, IBRD) has announced it has issued Ukrainian hryvnia ("UAH") 200 million Zero Coupon Notes due October 4, 2019.
Outgoing defence and junior justice minister Klaas Dijkhoff is taking over from Halbe Zijlstra as leader of the group of...

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Puigdemont may speak in Senate ahead of Article 155 vote

CATALUNYA regional president Carles Puigdemont is considering speaking in the Senate on Friday when its members vote on whether to trigger Article 155 of ...
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A linguist breaks down why white people should never rap the n-word

Last month social media erupted after a video of white sorority girls singing along to Kanye West’s mega hit Gold Digger went viral. The lyrics include the word n-gga. The students promptly apologized
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Tillerson says room for Taliban in Afghan government

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Monday there is a place for moderate elements of the Taliban in Afghanistan’s government as long as they renounce violence and terrorism and commit to stabil
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UN, AU, ambassadors appeal for peace before tense Kenya vote

Kenya is embarking on one of the most perilous weeks in its political history, preparing for an election re-run that the main opposition group plans to boycott in a blow to a country once heralded as
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LONGi Solar Achieves a New World Record for PERC Cell Efficiency

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Russian anti-doping agency’s chief says all WADA’s reinstatement criteria met

Last month experts from the WADA carried out the planned audit inspection of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency
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After Weinstein Scandal, a Plan to Protect Models

A New York State assemblywoman and the Model Alliance are working on an amendment to close a loophole in anti-discrimination laws.
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China’s New Antipollution Push Could Cool Its Growth Engine

Chinese officials face tough choices as they move to clean up skies and rivers, an effort that some say could put downward pressure on the economy.
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B Capital Hires Howard L. Morgan as Its New Chairman

The venture capital fund taps a veteran of the start-up world as it looks to broaden its scope beyond Silicon Valley and China.
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Aramco Chief Says I.P.O. Is on Track for 2018: DealBook Briefing

The oil giant’s chief executive denied that the company’s forthcoming stock sale faced delays, but gave few details of what the offering would look like.
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Communism’s Answer to Mickey Mouse Is Thrust Into a Very Capitalist Dispute

The mole Krtek was a much-loved figure in popular culture behind the Iron Curtain. Now he is at the center of a copyright squabble in the Czech courts.
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Trudeau names ex-Ontario premier Bob Rae as special envoy to Myanmar

OTTAWA - Former Ontario premier Bob Rae has been named a special envoy to Myanmar. He will be advising Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the southeast ...
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