Lars highway is open for all types of vehicles

“Armenpress” was informed from the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia.
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Young people aren’t thrilled with President Donald Trump’s proposed budget, according to a new GenForward survey released Wednesday. GenForward, a project of the University of Chicago, fou
President Donald Trump has finally met his match, at least when it comes to weird handshakes. Read Full Article at
The Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles has been running a facial recognition program to conduct illegal identity searches and sharing its findings with federal agencies and law enforc
British police are continuing their searches and raids in connection with the Manchester Arena suicide bomber attack, bringing the number of suspects arrested in the fast moving investi
President Donald Trump is reportedly no longer considering former Senator Joe Lieberman as a possible replacement for fired FBI director James Comey. While concerns about Lieberman’s lack of law
Prime Minister Miro Cerar will attend a NATO summit in Brussels on Thursday, after which he will meet NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Friday.
This year, the Druga godba festival of world music will span over three evenings, the first of which will take place in Piran. The 33rd international festival will open on May 25 with a concert of the
This yera's BIO 25 design biennial will focus on Slovenia's main potential - its landscapes - this year as it opens at the Museum of Architecture and Design on Thursday evening. Dubbed Farawa
NASA’s long-awaited and highly ambitious Mars 2020 mission draws ever-closer and the agency has just released the first concept image of humanity’s next great robotic explorer. Read Fu
A same-sex couple accused Southwest Airlines of discrimination after the carrier allegedly refused to let them board Saturday with their three children and 83-year-old grandmother during family boardi
Accused of assaulting a woman with a beer bottle, a constable was today granted $75,000 bail on the …to continue reading this article, please subscribe.   The post Police constable accused of as
Attorney General Jeff Sessions failed to disclose several meetings he had with Russian officials while applying for security clearance, CNN reports. The Justice Department told CNN Sessions failed to
St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF-2017) will be held from June 1 through 3 under the slogan Achieving a New Balance in the Global Economic Arena
The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office’s latest scoring of the House Republican replacement to Obamacare shows that by next year, 14 million people would lose health coverage, whil
If there was such a thing as a safe drug, then magic mushrooms would be it—at least that’s what a new study by the Global Drug Survey (GDS) found. Researchers found that of all people who tripped on p
Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson isn’t known for his eloquence, but he put his foot in his mouth more than ever in a Wednesday interview. As per the Washington Post, Carson tol
Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, who holds the longest governorship in U.S. history, resigned Wednesday and became President Donald Trump’s U.S. ambassador to China. He has a longstanding and personal fr
The Duma urged the assembly to condemn the Ukrainian President’s decree to ban the use of popular Russian social networks and internet resources in Ukraine
The OSCE representative suggested an awareness campaign be organized in Transnistria to allay worries
During the conversation, the Ukrainian President once again accused Russia of violating the Minsk Agreements
Seven men and five women, including two black jurors, will determine comedian Bill Cosby’s fate at his upcoming sexual assault trial in Pennsylvania, after claims from his lawyers that race play
The US government’s broadcasting agency may shut down some services if it loses a suggested $63 million in funding under President Donald Trump’s proposed budget, but said it remains co
The prefecture of Alpes-Maritimes has scuppered a pro-burkini activist's plans to stage an Islamic beachwear party on Cannes' beach, explaining that all public demonstrations are forbid
An Alabama death row inmate is scheduled to be executed on Thursday – for the eighth time. While maintaining his innocence, he has made use of creative legal maneuvers to stave off exec
Nearly two-thirds of US voters believe that the mainstream media is producing fake news, according to a new poll. Many also believe that fake news is purposely published to push an agen
President Donald Trump hasn’t been very progressive on the issue of climate change. He famously tweeted in 2012 that it was hoax “created by and for the Chinese,” and his actions sin
A dubious Russian intelligence document that purported to show coordination between Hillary Clinton and the U.S. Justice Department, and prompted former FBI Director James Comey to disclose the bureau
It was not an easy morning for Mick Mulvaney, the former tea party congressman turned budget director who returned to the House of Representatives on Wednesday to defend the president’s $4.1 trillion
Coca-Cola HBC Romania, the leader of the local beverage market, last year posted more than 2.2 billion lei (almost EUR500 million) revenue, 5% higher than in 2015, ZF has calculated based on the dat
The top grocery retailers in Romania in 2016 were Kaufland, Carrefour and Lidl, the same as in 2015. The rest of the ranking saw some changes, with Profi and Mega Image climbing a few spots.
CARACAS, (Reuters) – Deepening her split with unpopular President Nicolas Maduro’s government, Venezuela’s chief prosecutor today accused security officers of excessive force and con
An estimated 23 million people would lose health coverage by 2026 under Republican legislation aimed at repealing Obamacare, a nonpartisan congressional agency said on Wednesday in the first calculati
U.S. intelligence officials leaked crucial information about the Manchester bombing to the press without the permission or guidance of U.K. spy agencies. The Guardian and the BBC reported Wednesday th
Barack Obama’s former photographer is trolling Donald Trump with pictures of the Obamas holding hands and looking like a happy couple. Pete Souza, who was the chief official White House photographer f

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S&P 500 sets a new high as stocks rise after the Fed signals it will shrink its bond holdings

U.S. stocks rose for the fifth consecutive day Wednesday as investors went on a late buying spree. The gains came after news that the Federal Reserve plans to start reducing its huge portfolio of
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Fact Check: Manchester Bombing Rumors and Hoaxes

Since the attack at an Ariana Grande concert, social media users have been spreading false information about missing children and the investigation.
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Russia, Manchester, Pope Francis: Your Wednesday Evening Briefing

Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.
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HP Inc results beat in 'breakthrough' quarter for PC, printers

(Reuters) - HP Inc reported better-than-expected results in what its chief executive termed a "breakthrough" quarter as both its PC and printer businesses grew for the first time since 2010.
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Boeing, DARPA to build prototype spaceplane

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (Reuters) - The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency on Wednesday said it will invest up to $146 million in an alliance with Boeing to build an experimental spaceplane
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Pier 54 property, home to Ivar’s Acres of Clams, sells for nearly $40 million

In addition to the Ivar’s location, the property also holds Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, Cherry Street Coffee, a Harley-Davidson shop and the Simply Seattle store. The businesses will remain under leases
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TSA tests screening larger electronic devices separately

Travelers at some U.S. airports are being asked to place electronic devices bigger than a cellphone in separate bins so that they can be examined more closely. The Transportation Security Administrati
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Trump wants $108M for deeper ports; Corps adds $56M boost

SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) — President Donald Trump wants $108 million to help two U.S. seaports deepen their harbors, while ports not included on his wish list will still benefit from a $56 million boost alr
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President Lenin Moreno takes office in Ecuador

Lenin Moreno promises to continue the left-wing policies of his predecessor Rafael Correa.
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Manchester attack: 'Fury' at US 'evidence' photos leak

The New York Times publishes photos it says show the scene of the bomb attack.
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Design Biennial focuses on Slovenia's landscapes

This yera's BIO 25 design biennial will focus on Slovenia's main potential - its landscapes - this year as it opens at the Museum of Architecture and Design on Thursday evening. Dubbed Farawa
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Cerar to attend NATO summit, to meet Stoltenberg

Prime Minister Miro Cerar will attend a NATO summit in Brussels on Thursday, after which he will meet NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Friday.
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