Biggest instant-coffee exporter shuns new sales as drought bites

The scarcity of robusta is threatening Brazil’s competitiveness in the instant industry
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An international team of researchers have re-cloned the first dog to ever be cloned, to basically find out if genetically identical animals will suffer the same fate. Read Full Article
Russia is open for discussions on establishing a new, truly impartial mission to investigate chemical attacks in Syria, which, Russia’s UN envoy hopes, will not bear the same chronic de
Russia is open for discussions on establishing a new, truly impartial mission to investigate chemical attacks in Syria, which, Russia’s UN envoy hopes, will not bear the same chronic de
Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) threatened to report a woman to the Capitol Hill Police if she exposed him for sending explicit photos and videos, the Washington Post reports. The news comes after Barton on We
NATO is committed to support Azerbaijan in defense reform, a NATO official told Trend ahead of a meeting of the North Atlantic Council scheduled for today in Brussels.
Baltimore homicide detective Sean Suiter was set to testify against fellow officers before being shot in the head and killed while on duty. Now the police department is reassuring the p
Undercover officers and helicopters will be watching over bargain hunters during this Black Friday in an effort to stamp out the annual chaos that turns America’s malls into potential w
In an extended monologue on Wednesday, “Late Night” host Seth Meyers nailed why the Trump administration is really just a group of “eighth grade girls,” detailing how the president’s team deflect and
The Spanish government has been forced to defend its decision to house around 500 recently-arrived asylum seekers in a prison, following harsh criticism by human rights groups and NGOs,
The United States and its allies are particularly concerned over the possibility that Iran, and not Russia or Syria, will strengthen its influence in the region, Konstantin Kosachev said
Two biographers of Donald Trump were questioned by CNN’s John Berman about the latest tweet storm from the president. “What is it about Lavar Ball that bothers the president…so much?
Millions of travelers are expected to endure endless lines this holiday weekend as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) implements new security measures at airports across t
The former Moscow bureau chief for the British newspaper The Guardian revealed to NPR host Terry Gross that Soviet and Russian intelligence agencies had targeted President Donald Trump for decades. &#
Two fishermen became crocodile bait after falling victim to a bog tide in the Australian wild. To escape the hungry predators, they had to practice their survival skills on the roof of
A newly discovered cache of documents has revealed an alleged decades-long effort by the sugar industry to conceal the detrimental effects of the commodity on consumers’ health. Read Fu
No Russia-linked intrusion was detected during the Catalonia crisis, Spain’s cyber intelligence unit has announced. Earlier, Madrid decried cyber attacks as part of Moscow’s alleged wid
President Donald Trump chose to begin his day with an early-morning tirade against LaVar Ball, the father of a UCLA basketball player accused of shoplifting sunglasses in China. Trump has spent severa
Russian senator would stay at large but would not be able to leave the Alpes-Maritimes department of the Provence-Alpes-C·te d'Azur region of France until the investigation was over
A US researcher aiming to develop a herpes vaccine conducted illegal trials during which he injected people in hotel rooms and at a house on the island of St. Kitts, according to a new
Unlike the 2017 budget proposal for Portugal, the European Commission has not returned this year’s submission for 2018 or even suggested that there should be a plan B. Brussels has accepted the 2018
Venture capitalist Peter Thiel is reportedly pursuing a bid to buy, a website he helped topple by funding a clandestine legal battle against its parent company. Read Full Art
United States Senator Al Franken is facing further accusations of groping women after two additional women came forward and told their stories to the Huffington Post. The misconduct allegations descri
Slain Baltimore homicide detective Sean Suiter was gunned down the day prior to scheduled testimony before a federal grand jury investigating a squad of previously-indicted police officers, Baltimore
New tool will allow users to see whether they engaged with suspected Internet Research Agency
Rep. Scott Taylor (R-VA) on Wednesday blasted Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore over charges he preyed on underage and teenage girls, telling CNN’s John Berman if one of his alleged victims had been
The number of tourists visiting Slovenia increased by 15% in January-July compared to the year before; however tourism revenue grew only by 5.6% in that same period, the newspaper Primorske novice say
The business paper Finance is critical in Thursday's commentary of the government plan to impose a new tourism promotion tax to be paid by tourists. "I would not be happy if a saw two duties
Commenting on the meeting of Russian, Turkish and Iranian leaders on the future of Syria in Sochi, the newspaper Delo writes on Thursday that the process for a peace settlement in the war-torn country
Weeks before closing its doors forever, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia sentenced the biggest living war criminal to life in prison. The world will always need courts lik
A cattle truck rolled over on Utah’s I-84 highway, with a dozen cows tumbling from the overpass onto the freeway below. Traffic was diverted around the banged up bovines. Read Full Art
It "has shown that Russia, Turkey and Iran have a unified approach to resolving the Syria issue, Leonid Slutsky told reporters while commenting on the three countries summit in Sochi
Special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating Bijan Kian, a business associate of former national security adviser Michael Flynn over his role in Flynn Intel Group’s failure to disclose work on beha
Parliamentary Speaker Milan Brglez will start an official two-day visit to Hungary on Thursday, which will focus on strengthening bilateral relations and resolving topical issues related to the Slove

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OPINION: Robert Mugabe's fall closed a terrible chapter of Africa

Robert Mugabe's fall closed a chapter of Africa’s 1960s leaders who liberated the masses, only to transform into some of the worst despots, writes Sechaba Nkosi.
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Can #BlackFriday help our retailers?

In light of the tough trading environment retailers experienced this year, the jury is out whether Black Friday will help ease the strain.
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Bill to scrap minimum age for marriage of Muslim girls stirs outrage in Iraq

A proposal in Iraq's Parliament to scrap the minimum age for Muslim girls to marry has stirred outrage among critics who view it as a licence "to rape children".
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Indian jailed for 3 years for robbing jeweller in Singapore

A 53-year-old Indian in Singapore has been jailed for over three years for robbing a compatriot jeweller of cash and valuables to the tune of USD 31,910, media reports said.
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Ships, aircraft search Philippine Sea for 3 missing in US Navy plane crash

US and Japanese ships and aircraft were searching in the Philippine Sea today for three sailors missing since a US Navy aircraft crashed a day earlier.
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News Live: India cuts funding for crucial National Health Mission by $5bn

This blog will keep track of key global and local developments impacting business and markets through the day. Important local and global political developments will also find resonance here.
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Hereâ??s why Royal Enfield is launching Interceptor Continental GT in Europe before India

The Eicher Motors-controlled leisure bike brand is launching the two bikes in Europe in April 2018, six months before their scheduled India launch, because that is when summer hits that continent.
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Electric vehicle campaign could be $300 billion opportunity for battery makers: NITI Aayog

Around 25 to 40 percent of the EV battery market and around 2/5th of the global battery demand could be captured through the #39;Make in India#39; initiative
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Papua New Guinea officials pressure refugees to leave camp

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Papua New Guinea authorities on Thursday ratcheted up pressure on more than 300 asylum seekers to abandon a decommissioned immigration camp, where refugees reported their s
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Abnormal proteins found in skin of patients with rare brain disease

The discovery suggests that skin samples might be used to improve detection of the disorder, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, which now is usually diagnosed with much more difficult procedures, such as bra
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Light pollution increasing around globe

The findings, described in the journal Science Advances, track what researchers called a worrisome trend that has implications for the environment and human health.
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‘JIM is dead’: Russia hopes for a new ‘objective & unbiased’ Syria chemical inquiry

Russia is open for discussions on establishing a new, truly impartial mission to investigate chemical attacks in Syria, which, Russia’s UN envoy hopes, will not bear the same chronic de
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